Guns Stop Three Home Invasions, Store Robbery

Guns Stop Three Home Invasions, Store Robbery – Big Government

Guns came to the rescue of three homeowners and a business this weekend.

Five people tried to break into a home in Oklahoma City, OK. The woman homeowner and her friend shot two of them with her gun. The other burglars fled to another house to escape the gunfire. The shooting victims are in serious to critical condition, but the woman and her friend were unharmed.

Without warning, a man tried to kick-in the door of a home in San Antonio, TX. The mother quickly called 911 while her son shot at the man through the door. The man shot his gun before he fled. The mother and son were unharmed and police are still looking for the suspect.

Two men in San Antonio, TX tried to steal some beer from a store, but were stopped because a customer had his concealed weapon. The suspects left with nothing and the police will not charge the customer.

In Canyon Lake, TX, a man used his shotgun to defend his neighbor against her ex-boyfriend, who was carrying a baseball bat. He heard the sound of breaking glass and decided to investigate. He found a man trying to break into his neighbor’s trailer and confronted him. The suspect walked towards him with the baseball bat despite being told numerous times to stop. The man had no choice but to shoot the suspect in self-defense.

The homeowner threw her ex-boyfriend out in November, but he kept harassing her. He showed up several times and last week he broke in and pulled a gun on her. After that, she left her trailer and was not there the night he appeared with the baseball bat. The owner of the trailer park, Walter Chapman, is glad she was not there and her neighbor was armed.

“It’s good that he had it,” Chapman said. “There’s no telling what could have happened had he not had a gun.”

It is a very good thing all these people had guns. Everyday ordinary people prove why the Framers gave America the 2nd Amendment.

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