Noted ass hat Lupe Fiasco booted off stage for anti-Obama rant

Wow, this one does surprise me. No really, I mean a foul mouthed racist, anti-war, anti-American, anti-Israel pro-Palestine wannabe thug posing as a real musician being thrown off stage at a Obama inauguration concert? I mean who better, besides maybe Obama’s former ranting racist reverend better exemplifies this administration than a douche nozzle like Lupe Fiasco?


I suppose criticizing Obama was the thing that got him the hook here. Hey come Lupe, you can bash America, Israel, war, the rich, low taxes, gun owners, the military, Conservatives, you can make crude sexual remarks about Conservative women, you can use foul language, yes, I know Lupe, you call it “artistic expression”, but you better not criticize the Emperor President.

Exit thought. My Grand dad was at one time a Democrat, a very Conservative Democrat. But the Democratic Party has devolved into something he would not recognize. I ask my Democratic friends What Would Grover Cleveland say?

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