The Democratic Party defined?

A certain blogger, infamous for his love of bad beer, cool hats, driving Liberals crazy, and who likes to yell ROLL TIDE at inappropriate times, sums up the Democrats like this

The Filthy Rotten Party of Corruption, Treason, Fraud, Sodomy and Abortion

Now, personally, I would have left the whole sodomy thing out, what consenting adults do tends to be something I do not care about. Well, OK, I admit, Salma Hayek wrestling Alyssa Milano in baby oil MIGHT pique my interest, but that is beside the point. The real point is that as Stacy McCain writes, the problem is that there is a hate deficit between Democrats and Republicans

In a Twitter colloquy with Susan Cloud, producer of the Mark Davis radio show, I found myself compelled to explain and defend my previous criticisms of National Review. The problem, really, is that Republicans just don’t hate Democrats the way Democrats hate Republicans.

Most Republicans are born and raised Republicans, and are spiritually attuned to the sentiments of bourgeois respectability that are core values to the decent, honest people the GOP represents. By contrast, Democrats owe their power to the vilest dregs of humanity — corrupt union goons, Marxist academics, criminals, drug addicts, sexual perverts and race hustlers — who have no respect for the values of decent, honest people.

In politics, this represents a tremendous advantage to Democrats, who elect to high office vicious thieves like Charlie Rangel without any sense of embarrassment, and then applaud Rangel’s lies without shame. The Democrats are a gang of brazen criminals who have contempt for their victims — you, the respectable citizens who vote Republican.

Having been born and raised a Democrat, I was never taught to be embarrassed of my politics the way most Republican children seem to be taught. And these nice Republican types who grew up groveling and apologizing — “Please, Professor, don’t give me a bad grade for disagreeing with you!” — are the weak link in the chain, the essential cause of the Republican Party’s feebleness.

Nailed it! We are too nice, too timid, too afraid of causing offense. Of course, niceness is a virtue, but, many Republicans do take that too far. Our “leadership” seems to suffer from this timidity far more than the Conservative base does. what they do not get is this, the media, and the Left will label us extremists no matter what we say. So, we ought to accept that confidence, knowledge, and deeply held values expressed with conviction, and defended with passion are going to appeal to many Americans. I keep hearing Republicans ask how we can better deliver our message. the first step, I would think, is to BELIEVE in our message first, that tends to help the delivery greatly!

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