Shocker of the day! Useless race pimp Toure still obsessed with skin color

Race Pimping Toure is back, and he has found more RAAAAACISM!! Of course this tool could find RAAAAACISM anywhere, because he figures he can emulate Al Sharpton and Je$$e Jack$on and make a living out of screaming RAAAAACISM!

Via Mediaite:

. . . “The slew of secession petitions out of the south really interests me,” Touré said. “This idea that there are a lot of Southern people who want to have nothing to do with Obama’s America. And I don’t think you can say that there’s any policy that has changed America so much that…”

“Obamacare,” Cupp suggested.

“That has not been enacted yet,” Touré replied. “I think they’re talking about, ‘we don’t want to be in a country run by a black man.’

The fact is that these petitions came from almost every state, but of course, Toure spins this like just us backwards hicks in the South signed the petitions. The South is, of course, always the favorite punching bag for any Leftist that wants to cry racism, and Toure is just going back to that Well of BS the Left has almost run dry. My only question is where will the Toure Tour of RAAAAACISM go next? Where can he find RAAAAACISM next? It really could be anywhere, but, if Toure REALLY wanted to find genuine bigotry and hatred, he could just look in the mirror, or at almost any MSNBS host.


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