NOPE! No best blogs 2012 from me

I just deleted a post I was going to put up tomorrow. Best blogs of 2012, or something like that. I have decided not to post it, and maybe never to post any more of those type posts ever again. The reason is simple, this blog has been left off several such lists, including one released today. That hurt, and yes, I can be overly sensitive, but I got ticked over being left off. I popped off on Twitter, and likely ended up upsetting the blogger who upset my ego. For that I am sorry, I really am. My temper, I am of Irish and Scottish ancestry you know, perhaps got the best of me. Anyway, I am sorry for offending someone I respect. Someone who points out they do not get the recognition they deserve at times either So, as a result, I am scrapping the best blogs post I had ready to go. Better to not hurt someone who works hard by overlooking them. That feeling sucks, and I really do not wish to be a party to that.

10 thoughts on “NOPE! No best blogs 2012 from me”

  1. I feel horrible that I neglected to add the magnificent Daley Gator to the Awards post, and while it sounds like a lame excuse it really was an unintentional omission and I am deeply sorry! You guys are fantastic and have been good friends to me and I hate that I have hurt you!
    I had tech issues with trying to add the widget codes; every time I went from “html” to “visual” in the draft, I lost the codes, and every time I tried to edit what I had after I’d put so much into the damned post, I’d lose not only the codes but a lot of the formatting in the post’s body too, and for some reason my stupid blog defaults to grey text instead of black no matter what I do so I have to add black for text color to each line and that adds more html language to confuse me when I have to work in the stinky html tab.
    I got so frustrated after about 4 solid hours of trying to make it work and gave myself a headache staring at a giant hot mess of html language that I gave up and published early rather than risk losing it all again.
    There are several people (including you guys, and people like Jamie Jeffords, for example; I thought I had him in there and was horrified when I saw that he wasn’t) I meant to include and who I thought that I HAD included that as soon as I hit “publish” I felt sick to my stomach because I knew that I’d effed it up.
    I can’t even update or edit the post at all to do thanky linkbacks to people who linked the post either because attempting to will cause me to lost everything I’d already put there. So today I will be putting together a Part II post to try to remedy my screw ups and thank people properly. I will recognize the awesomeness that inadvertently got omitted in Part I, but even with my best attempts to try to make things right I will surely offend more people and there’s not much I can do about that, but at least I can tell everyone how much I love The Daley Gator and offer a public apology for my many shortcomings. I shall have to rethink the whole awards thingy next year as my attempt to honor friends who get ignored (like I always do) by the big blogs ends up backfiring on me since I will surely upset more people next year just like I did last year. I went out of my way to try to include people who got mad at me last year in this year’s post but I screwed it up still because the internet hates me and tech issues do not bode well for a person who has a brain infection that makes her dumber than she should be.
    I’d skip the awards all together next year to avoid all the mess, but I’m kinda committed to it now.
    Anyway, I am deeply sorry and horribly ashamed that I accidentally didn’t put you guys in part I and I hope that you can forgive me some day. I am so very sorry that I hurt you!

    1. Look, I appreciate the kind words, but you really did not owe an apology, you really do not. I got my feelings hurt when I should not have. I apologize. I feel awful this morning. You are tremendous, and I hope you will feel better soon. Again, I reacted without thinking, something I shall try not to let happen again.
      Zilla, I hope you will forgive my ill temper, and my over sensitive mood. I am praying for you, and if there is anything I can do to help you in way way, let me know.

      1. It is entirely my fault, you have been a good friend and are perfectly justified in feeling hurt. You DESERVE recognition, you really really do! You guys kick freaking ass here every day and I am in awe of how you manage to do it so awesomely and so consistently. So you do not owe any apologies, but maybe we can hug it out and make up anyway. 🙂
        I’m still doing Part II after I make Sunday breakfast and do my mom chores because I really did screw it up badly this year in a bunch of ways.

      2. Zilla, stop, you are very sweet, and I thank you my friend. Hope the effects of that damned tick go away soon. I never knew how awful they could be.

      3. Yeah, it has been a nightmare fighting the tick diseases and then the medical consequences of the meds to fight the tick diseases caused a whole slew of other issues, like making my fingernails all fall off, and then they took me off the tick sick meds to fix THAT and half the fingers on my right hand got tingly numb & intermittently paralyzed and I cannot feel my toes again! I can’t win! And then we ran out of heating oil this morning, while we’re recovering from Christmas & my kid’s b-day, paying other bills, my medical expenses, and the looming electric bill. It never freaking ends. I am going to blog up a part II to the awards show to cheer myself up at this point, because today has gotten real miserable here at the Resister House real fast and it ain’t even lunch time yet. Maybe I’ll go have a little cry first though, to get it out of the way, and eat some chocolate too. If I do another blog post that might make people happy it might make me feel better. I am moody pants right now.

    2. Sorry Zilla, I hope they find something to make you feel better again. BTW, look at the top right corner of the DaleyGator, I made a special award for you

  2. How about we all do “participation” awards like they do in schools? We could simply say something along the line of, “Everyone listed in my blogroll is a winner. They took the time to show up and post something (sometimes only once in awhile), and that makes them a winner in my book.”

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