Leftist Parasites Expel On-Duty Cops From Denny’s For Carrying Guns

IL Denny’s Throws On-Duty Cops Out For Carrying Guns – Big Government

Illinois’ over-the-top opposition to gun ownership hit new heights Tuesday when a Denny’s in Belleville, IL threw out cops carrying guns. When a group of detectives – on duty but not in uniform – walked into the Denny’s, one of the other customers started whining to a manager. The manager then threw them out of the restaurant.

Denny’s later apologized for the mix-up. Denny’s spokeswoman Liz DiTrapano stated, “Upon further discussion, we became aware the individual was a plain-clothed police officer. Denny’s policy permits law enforcement officials to carry their firearms in the restaurant, and we regret any misunderstanding.”

But that wasn’t the end of the story. The police chief struck back at Denny’s by banning all cops – both on and off duty – from going to the restaurant. “This was an insult, a slap in the face, to those detectives and to all of the men and women who proudly wear the uniform or badge and serve in law enforcement.”

Denny’s obviously has a right to ban whomever they want from the restaurant. But the knee-jerk anti-gun left prohibiting cops from entering restaurants is pure stupidity.

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