Well, the world is still here so lets celebrate hot women! Like Morena Baccarin

Rule 5 time folks, where I take time to celebrate hot women from around the blog universe. Leading the tour today is Morena Baccarin, who has some incredible eyes

Others celebrating the Apocaliptic fail include The Clash, who concludes that at least Miss Venezuela still has her looks

A View From the Beach has Santa’s helpers

Donald Douglas has the new Kelly Brook calendar

Angry Mike has Irish lasses for the holiday

Bring the Heat brings Jamie Lee Curtis

Call Me Stormy has kissing under mistletoe

Bob Belvedere has his Christmas beauties

It Ain’t Holy Water has some girls with holiday spirit

William Teach has If All You See hotties

Pitsnipes has bikinis

Proof Positive has model Margoes Horst

Randy has a Tart that is sweet

Classic Liberal has Samaire Armstrong

H2 has another edition of Big Boob Friday!

Last Tradition has the dental assistant that was too hot

The Other McCain has a Rule 5 Sunday every Sunday oddly enough here is last weeks

Right Way has Carla Ossa

Theo has Saturday Totty

Zions Trumpet has things that Southern girls say

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