Well, looks like Erik loomis loves to use the Mother F—ing “F” word a whole F—ing lot!

that “someone” being Professor Potty Mouth Erik Loomis of Rhode Island University, home of the Blue Hens, or is that the Blue F—ing Hens? Stacy McCain has the story and background on Loomis, who seems to have a limited temper to match his limited vocabulary

Dishonest academic defenders of University of Rhode Island assistant history professor Erik Loomis have repeated the professor’s false assertion that he was criticized merely for using “metaphor” in hisunhinged Dec. 14 attacks on the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

One critic has decscribed the petition on behalf of Loomis, although ostensibly a defense of free speech rights, as a ”campaign to dominate debate and suppress criticism.”

In fact, Loomis’s “head on a stick” Tweet was just one of many offensive messages he sent on Dec. 14. More importantly, perhaps, the professor’s demented obscenity-strewn tirade attacted scrutiny, revealing that Loomis seemed prone to angry online eruptions, and had a habit of employing vulgarities in his Twitter messages, particularly in targeting Republicans.

Professor Loomis seems to have recognized that he had problems more serious than “right-wing morons” too stupid to understand metaphor, because he deleted his Twitter account to hide the evidence of his derangement. Fortunately, before the evidence got flushed down the digital memory hole, one of those “right-wing morons” was clever enough to compile six months’ worth of Erik Loomis’s Tweets into a 439-page PDF file. A few samples from the archive:

Lots more at the link, and by lots more I mean a F—ing F–k load of F—ing dirty tweets. Go read the rest of the post, it is fun to see Stacy pounding this nutcase of a professor. 


4 thoughts on “Well, looks like Erik loomis loves to use the Mother F—ing “F” word a whole F—ing lot!”

  1. How can someone with such a limited vocabulary become a professor? Are our universities really this bad? It’s no wonder kids can’t learn anything.

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