What the mainstream media never reports

Defensive uses of firearms might make local news, but the national headlines never feature these stories, yes that also includes YOU Fox News. Imagine how the national attitude might differ if thee stories were reported.

Resident shoots, kills armed intruder

Man shoots two armed intruders killing one

Utah Pastor uses his gun to fend off, subdue attacker

North Carolina man fires at man invading his home

Concealed carry holder fires at two armed men, sends them running

Homeowner shoots, kills convicted sex offender during home invasion

Ohio Homowner shoots, kills burglar

Texas man shoots knife wielding home invader

More here

And Here Guns Save Lives has a map of many more defensive gun uses almost 700 stories are in their files

Of course these stories of average Americans stopping crimes, and many saving their lives are not reported by CNN, or MSNBC, or CBS, ABC, NBC, or even Fox. In researching crime stats, I found estimates of defensive gun uses, the lowest number I found was 108,000 per year, that adds up to almost 300 per day! But, these stories do not get told do they? Liberals love to discount any chance of am armed citizen using a gun to defend themselves, they also love to pretend that having a gun, or carrying one is dangerous, and will lead to Wild West shootouts. These stories disprove that malarky. Of all the people I have known, most had guns, heck in the South, guns are part of just about every home, and no bad ever comes  from the vast majority of those guns, or gun owners .

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