Rewarding incompetence has consequences

America chose, or at least enough Americans chose to reward President Obama with four more years last month. Many people, including me, were stunned considering the awful job on the economy the president had done. Fewer of us really pounded the foreign policy blunders and  missteps of this president. I tried to do as much as I could on the foreign policy side. After the first debate when Romney pounded the president, I was sure, just sure he would feast on the president’s handling of Benghazi in the next debate, he did not, nor did he in the third debate. In fact, the geniuses at Team Romney let Benghazi slide off the national stage rather than focusing on it even though every time some new information about Benghazi came out, Obama looked more dishonest and inept.

Well, whether that hurt Romney we may never really know, but, I do recall thinking to myself that the GOP had erred by not talking more. Now, it is too late to unseat Obama, and the media has tried to bury the story, as they were doing before the election. But, the news out of Libya just stinks more and more. And now, this morning, we get a glimpse of how Obama may have unwittingly armed the very terrorists that attacked in Benghazi. Stacy McCain notes that Obama has consequences, and not all of those consequences are economic.

Yes, and I’m sure it must have seemed like a great idea during the “Arab Spring” to arm Islamic extremists in Libya:

In spite of the threat of American weapons ending up in the hands of terrorist groups, President Barack Obama secretly approved an arms transfer to Libyan rebels through Qatar at the height of the rebellion against Moamar Khadhafi, a knowledgeable source noted on Friday.
However, American counterterrorists are discovering that some of those U.S. weapons ended up in the hands of radical Islamists including associates of al-Qaeda, according to a law enforcement source who trained police in the Middle East.
Some Americans who are retired from the military, as well as intelligence and law enforcement agencies, believe there should be an investigation into possible connections between the weapons provided by the Qataris back then and the attack that killed an American ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

More at Gateway Pundit: “Benghazi Terrorists Were Armed By Obama”

Leaders of nations can, and do make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can lead to unforeseen consequences. But arming radicals is especially dangerous and ill advised. I suppose what really stands out here is that during the “Arab Spring” the president has chosen to take the sides of the WRONG people, and not taken sides with the right people. Iranians rose up, and Obama was silent. In Egypt, Obama took sides with the Muslim Brotherhood. How is that working out for democracy? In Libya, Obama chose to get involved, and to arm extremists without weighing the consequences of who he was arming. We know how that worked out.

Yep, consequences do arise when we reward incompetence, if you do not believe me just look at Egypt, or Libya, or Iran, or the entire Middle East.



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