DaleyBabe Bahara Golestani and a Rule Five Feast!

Never known a woman named Bahara, WOW she is a stunner!

Others shaking the Rule 5 Tree of Hits!

William Teach has WOW

The Other McCain has Rule 5 Monday

Donald Douglas has a nearly naked blonde

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 News

Proof Positive has a Friday Night Babe

Pitsnipes has Sara Jean Underwood

Reagnite Republican has such a crush on Michelle Malkin

Randys Roundtable has Barbara Palvin

Classic Liberal has Elizabeth Banks

Trainwreck in Maxwell has a girl, and gun!

Theo Spark has bath night and Saturday Totty

H2 has Big Boob friday

Barking Moonbat likes red heads

Jamie Jeffords  has been hospitalized, go give him some kindwords

EBL has vintage Rule 5

Zions Trumpet has some calendar gals

ACE has Army/Navy cherleaders

Angry Mike has REDS

Bring the Heat brings Robin Tunney

Suckers on Parade has Fishnet Friday

Dustbury has a Desperate Housewife

I’m 41: That Chipper Jones is one lucky bastard!

It Ain’t Holy Water has a distracting woman

American Perspecive has some Ann Margaret

Say Anything has many fine links to peruse

Last Tradition has Cleo Moore, vintage beauty

BarnORama has the most Google women  

Bleacher Report has a new reason to watch ESPN, Kimberly Presser

Bro Bible features Shay Maria

Brosome has some very attractive links

The Chive has hot girls plus mirrors

COED has Devin Brugman

Egotastic: You know that Jennifer Nicole Lee has quite a backside

Feral Irishman after dark NSFW

Guyism has some hot links

Hell on Earth has a Carly Madison video

Hookers and Booze has a gal with nice form

Izismile has gals in bed

Wirecutter is now ready for Summer?

Mandatory has Erika Medina

Soylent Green Corset Mania NSFW

Uncoached wraps us up with girls getting wet

Troglopundit, who will get irked if I do not include him, uses some Rule 5 to dig at The Other McCain! Well played sir!

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