Well at least in Obama’s second term we will know what to expect

And yes, Smitty notes that we can expect more amateur hour from our Incompetent-in-Chief

There really isn’t any need to let Benghazi fall off the radar. Sure, a huge component of the Fiscal Cliff fracas is to control the narrative, and turn John Boehner into Emmanuel Goldstein, spray tan edition.

Obama is at least in character. All politics, all the time. Hence the murky lead-in to Benghazi, the snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory when under stress, and the subsequent creep show as President Take-no-responsibility seeks anything else under the sun to discuss.

But wasn’t Simpson-Bowles conceptually similar to proper security in Benghazi? Don’t leaders plan their way out of crises, rather than foment them?

In short, we know what is coming, and frankly, we are just hoping enough of America is left to save


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