Obama, Media Whitewash Morsi’s Pro-Jihad, Anti-Jew Past

Obama, Media Whitewash Morsi’s Pro-Jihad, Anti-Jew Past – Investors Business Daily

Islamofascism: To hear the president and his media stenographers, Egypt’s new leader is a “practical” guy who’s surprisingly Westernized. He loves our movies and even the “ERA.”

Such positive reviews provide Mohammed Morsi a fig leaf of secularism and legitimacy. But they cannot hide his dark Islamist heart.

Time magazine does its best, however, in an “exclusive interview” with Morsi. It lets him filibuster, uninterrupted, about his alleged support for America’s once-proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights for women, claiming that’s what his Muslim Brotherhood party stands for, too.

Sharing more details from the interview on MSNBC, Time’s Rana Foroohar described Morsi as a relative “unknown” in the Brotherhood, whose rise to power was “accidental.”

She portrayed him as a moderate who’s “walking a very fine line between some hard-core Islamists and some more pragmatic supporters of the West.”

This dovetails with the White House’s glowing depiction. The New York Times says Obama is impressed with the Egyptian leader’s “pragmatic confidence.”

“He sensed an engineer’s precision with surprisingly little ideology,” its article gushed. “Most important, Mr. Obama told aides that he considered Mr. Morsi a straight shooter.”

Enough spin. Now for a reality check.

For starters, Morsi was hardly a bit player in the Brotherhood. He was hailed as a martyr by the radical Islamist group after spending seven months behind bars for supporting jihadists. And he worked for years alongside Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.

He spent a decade helping lead the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in Cairo. In 2011, he organized Brotherhood rioting in Tahrir Square that led to exiled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow.

Far from a “moderate,” Morsi is on record calling for Jew blood in jihad.

• In a September 2003 letter to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, he declared solidarity with Hamas and its goal of destroying Israel.

VIn April 2004, he led efforts in the Egyptian parliament to scrap the 30-year peace treaty with Israel.

• In 2007, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, he pledged Brotherhood support to Hamas to annihilate Israel through violent jihad.

• Also in 2007, Morsi participated in a teleconference with Hamas’ Haniyeh, saying “resistance is the right and only way to liberate the land from the defilement of the Jews.”

Make no mistake: Morsi is no statesman. He’s a radical Islamofascist whose goal is Mideast hegemony. Most disturbing, he views our president as a key partner in his wicked project. As Time’s Foroohar noted, “He feels they’re very much in alignment about goals in the region.”

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