Are you infected with RINOitis?

If you are a Republican, RINOitis can cripple you ability to stand on principle, and lead to a bad case of Bipartisnship Disorder. Smitty, at The Other McCain is offering help diagnosing these maladies

Already we are told to blame the Tea Party movement for not taking back the Senate, even though more “moderate” Republicans lost their races than Tea Party supporters.

Two words in response to this tripe from the Establishment, the second of which is ‘You!’.

Here in Virginia, we had to watch George Allen, who is a Nice Guy, get his T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII schtick applied to him in the suppository fashion. Why was I subjected to televised debates of a brace of ex-Governors, one animated, the other not? Because Virginia’s open primaries permitted the Democrats to pick their poison, and that was the one they’d tossed under the bus in 2006.

Props to Tim Kaine; for a statist throne sniffer, he’s an excellent salesman. Door knocking for the GOP ticket, I encountered people happy enough to vote for Mitt, but planning to throw George under the bus. Perhaps Jaime Radtke would not have beaten Kaine in November, but she’d have been more than a 6’2″ wad of cotton candy in a suit, I reckon.

Working together, and taking Smitty’s advice, we CAN beat RINOitis in our time!


2 thoughts on “Are you infected with RINOitis?”

    1. Good Lord! This blog is owned by me, and Ed Daley and no one else! I am a fan of The Other McCain whom you seem to have a sick obsession with, and link them frequently, as I do other blogs

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