A great response to Bob Costas and those blaming guns for Javon Belcher’s actions

Billy Bob at Hell on Earth has a tremendous, and powerful answer to all those Liberals blaming guns for the murder/suicide committed by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher

I have known 5 people that have killed themselves.

Two of them used prescription medication.

One hung himself.

One ran his Corvette into a building at 100+ mph.

And one used a gun.

One of the people that used the medication had a pistol in the nightstand beside the bed he died in. And the guy in the Corvette had a gun in the console.

The thing that happened with Jovan Belcher this weekend didn’t have anything to do with the gun. The gun didn’t make him kill his girlfriend. And it didn’t make him take his own life.

For jason whitlock and then the guy on Sunday Night Football to somehow associate these events with the gun is pretty damn stupid. Belcher was determined to make these events happen. If he hadn’t had access to a gun he would have used some other instrument, a knife, a baseball bat, a car, there are literally thousands of ways to commit murder and suicide without using a gun.

Blaming the gun makes this whole easy though doesn’t it? Why did he do it? Because he had a gun, of course. 
When you blame the gun, you don’t really have to ask the hard questions. You don’t have to investigate whether or not the head injuries Belcher has sustained were a contributing factor. Or the pain medication he was addicted to. Or the fact that he consumed alcohol every day. Nope, just blame the gun. The gun twisted his mind and drove him to the madness. The gun haunted his dreams. The gun made him do it.
Bravo! The thing is that Whitlock, and Costas have bought the “stats” the anti gun lobby has been putting out for years.  This is how they can actually say, and apparently believe that handguns do nothing to make us safer. Well, I beg to differ, I have warded off an armed attacker with my gun, and here are some stories I wish Costas and Whitlock would read 
And I could post these news stories all month long and still have plenty to spare. Why would Costas and his ilk seek to ignore these people who defended themselves?

One thought on “A great response to Bob Costas and those blaming guns for Javon Belcher’s actions”

  1. I agree with the view point expressed above. It is not the gun, the car, the knife, or any other object that causes a person to take the life of another. The cave man killed with rocks. Did his generation think that all rocks should be thrown away?

    I like many things about Bob Costas. He is a thorough professional in his ability to tell a story and keep viewers up to date with fast moving events. In this instance he is totally wrong and hypocritical too. He protests guns but his own security guys carry them for HIS protection. Does he think no one else has the right to protect themselves with a weapon they CAN afford to purchase, while they may NOT be able afford to hire someone to provide them? Might he think differently if he had to provide his own personal security while in areas of high crime statistics?

    No one who has ever successfully defended themselves with a gun is likely to attempt to deny anyone the same right to have that same opportunity to save themselves from the opportunist who might want to harm or destroy. To me, the right to own a weapon is an individual choice. You can own a gun or not own a gun, whatever makes YOU comfortable. For Bob Costas or Jason Whitlock to say if Jevon Belcher had not possessed a gun, both he and his girlfriend would be alive today shows they are being totally biased and is an affront to their intelligence.

    I was extremely disappointed with the segment and am glad to see so many others felt the same. It is never the weapon, it is the wielder of the weapon. We should be discussing the problems; mental illness, domestic violence, etc., not the means used to perpetrate the crime. Just about anything can be a weapon in the wrong hands.

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