You know I never understood why Hooters upset some folks

I ate and drank at the very first Hooters, in Clearwater, Florida. And I one got cut off, when I was 22 at another Hooters, I guess the Hooters Girl thought I was drunk because when I asked for another beer while wolfing down peel and eat shrimp, she looked at me and said “you do know you are supposed to peel the shrimp first right?” But seriously, some people freak out over Hooters. I still recall an example that make me shake my head. When I first moved to Texas, in 1995, there was a controversy over a new Hooters opening in the town of Arlington. A group was trying to stop Hooters from opening because it was “too close” to a high school. And, the boys at that high school might go to Hooters, and see the Hooters Girls and think about sex or something. Yes, some people ARE that stupid. But, to me Hooters is just a restaurant, yes a restaurant with great scenery but really now! Anyway, this post by the World’s Youngest Blogger from The Other McCain got me thinking about Hooters.

Dad was driving us back from Virginia Beach, and took a serendipity exit at Hampton Roads. He didn’t know, he claims, that there was a Hooters there, and who was I to argue? Who, indeed. Who! Who!

Smitty and his son at Hooters? I say Lucky Kid! Pretty cute too!




One thought on “You know I never understood why Hooters upset some folks”

  1. I dig Hooters. Babies dig Hooters. The women who work at Hooters dig Hooters. As far as I’m concerned, all God’s children dig Hooters!

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