Does Stacy McCain mean the silence is weird, or the media is weird?

Or maybe he means the obvious, George Soros, and anything he touches is weird, and corrupt

The Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti observes how little attention was paid to the recent meeting of the Democracy Alliance, a left-wing fundraising network backed by billionaire George Soros:

More likely the media simply ignore data that complicate their preferred narrative. When it comes to the fraught relationship between money and politics, that narrative is as follows: Money in politics is corrupting only because rich businessmen trade campaign donations to Republicans for low taxes and fewer environmental regulations.

Continetti points out a little-noted development:

Earlier this year the Democracy Alliance scraped away groups that were not affixed like barnacles to the hull of the Democratic Party and left alone the groups that were.

The media is loath to dig in and actually investigate stories like this. If the question is why, just consider one word as the answer IDEOLOGY! Certainly the media has no qualms about looking into the connection between Republicans and rich people while totally ignoring all the rich Democrats. And make no mistake, the media bias factor IS a big advantage. Yes new media has made inroads, but the gap is still very significant. This, naturally explains why the left has always been eager to apply “fairness” to talk radio, and to marginalize blogs. they are not looking to compete, they are looking for one party, one ideology rule!


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