I am sorry, but where in the Constitution does a right not to be offended exist?

I would really love someone to point out the provision protecting us from offense. And if they can’t, then they should shut the Hell up and stop trying to make everyone else suffer! This story, from Montana, has the latest tale of leftist whining and angst. It seems a statue of Jesus has caused one Atheist to contract a bad case of GODitis (a severe reaction to any mention of God, Jesus, Christmas, Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Christmas parades, Christmas ornaments, the colors red and green, Frosty the Snowman, Rudloph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Bibles, crosses, intersections, (they look like crosses), church, Christianity, or manger scenes!)

A lawsuit seeking the removal of a Jesus statue near a Montana ski resort will go on after a national group of atheists and agnostics produced a local member who says he is offended by the religious symbol whenever he swooshes down the slopes.

The Knights of Columbus and four individuals had asked a judge to throw out the legal challenge because the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation had not named anyone actually harmed by the statue on federal land next to Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Without such a person, the Knights of Columbus argued, the foundation had no right to bring the lawsuit.

So the foundation found William Cox, an atheist who lives 15 miles from the northwestern Montana resort. Cox submitted a statement that says he frequently goes to Whitefish and has skied many times past the statue, which he considers religious and offensive.

That was good enough for U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen to deny the Knights of Columbus’ request Tuesday and to proceed with the lawsuit. A trial is scheduled for March.

“I could just say, `Hallelujah,”‘ Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said Wednesday. “It was very obliging of the judge to let it proceed.”

Did she just say Hallelujah? Isn’t that hypocritical? Seriously though, what lunacy is this? I apologize for my simple view of such cases but the constitution is very clear on freedom of religion. It says Congress “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof”. That statue was not placed by an act of Congress, that statue does not respect any religious establishment, and NO, there never has been a right NOT to be offended. Because if there is, I should sue the soulless weasels at the Freedom From Religion Foundation because they piss me off! 

Just to be clear, I find it odd that the FFRF is not aware that they already are “free” from religion, it is right there in the constitution they are actively trying to erode. Maybe they are not aware that one person’s freedom from activity does not mean others have no right to that activity. Many people watch reality shows, and I despise reality shows. So, I do not watch them, simple! I would never seek a court to take those shows from others to protect my sensitivity!

One more note. If you observe those few Atheists that take part in the Fascist campaigns like this one, you will note that they are always screeching about Christians trying to “force” their views on others. Really? I think it is clear who is trying to force their views on others here! That is how thugs are. And yes these are thugs, nothing more.

3 thoughts on “I am sorry, but where in the Constitution does a right not to be offended exist?”

  1. We have lunatic fringe groups such as this now who are trying to destroy all things that are American values, beliefs, traditions, culture, language and borders. It is time to tell the Lunatic Immoral Minority of fools to go to hell, and continue doing what we ordinarily do as Traditional Americans. About 80 to 90 percent of U.S. citizens refer to themselves as Christians, an the other 10 to 20 percent can like it or not, but not be able to effect outcomes in courts that deny our basic rights and freedoms. It is also time to tell the damned government to go to hell when they try to impose the wills of these lunatic fringes on the rest of us. Enough is enough, and if enough Americans do not wake up soon, and refuse to Follow Fascistic Laws being imposed on the Majority based on their Appeasement to Lunatics. These lunatic fringes are part of the conspiracy to destroy the USA and our national sovereignty and those in government elected positions are doing their bidding. I for one will do what I want as long as it constitutional and right, but I refuse to be Politically Correct about anything. I do not call blacks African Americans or Asians, Asian Americans or Legal Latino, Hispanic Americans. These damned hyphenated Americans is an attempt to totally Erode our Country and our Beliefs, Customs, Traditions, Values and Language. Be an American or go the the Front Part of your hyphenated Name implies.. Thus African Americans, if you want to be An African, then go to hell to Africa and see what a cespool of a nation that it really is or Hispanic Americans, go to hell to Mexico and tell your brethren there to stop invading our country, and the same for Asians, go to China, Japan or whatever other shithole Asian Nation you like, but do not expect this American to Kowtow your wishes and wants of Political Correctness or Cultura Diversity. This is USA Culture and if you are an American, be An American, Adopt the language, beliefs, customs, values and traditions or be nothing at all but in the meantime, you do not Get Special Americans or Special Victims status. This PC Crap and hyphenation Crap has even further made divisions. Now we recognize Gay, LGBT and Bisexual Americans as another Separate sor of American. Get real, if we allow this attack on the Majoriy to go further, you might as well pack it up and hit the trail, for it will not be long before the JackBooted Fascist Government Thugs and Though Police to take you away to some gulag or death camp. That is where this Cultural Diversity and Separatism Leads. Read history.

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