Face it there are some things the government just has no business legislating

No doubt that Conservatives will agree with that headline, and why wouldn’t they? I mean Conservatism’s main message is the smaller the government the better. But, as with any rule, there are the exceptions, and some “Social” Conservatives are all for the government sticking its nose out of their business, until, of course, they are offended by something, and then, well they cannot wait for the FCC or some other agency to save them from some offense. Rob Port at Say Anything links to Roger Simon’s piece that I think hits the right tone

Roger Simon writes that those who truly value limited government should stop seeking government solutions to social problems.

It’s interesting how some of those who most vociferously object to government interference in our economic affairs are most desirous of government interference in our personal ones.

I’m referring of course to social conservatives, who want to legislate our morals and values according to their views. …

The social issues, whatever your position, are best dealt with outside the governmental realm.

I realize this is an unattainable goal and that government will always intrude in our private lives to some degree, but we must fight against it as much as possible for several reasons.

To begin with, social conservatives will be vastly more successful at having their views accepted if they make their case extrinsic of government.

To clarify here, I do not think most Social conservatives want the government to get involved, but certainly many do, and they are not doing anyone any favors by abandoning their Conservative brains. Rob Port sums it up nicely

Conservatives would do better to embrace the idea that individuals are allowed to make decisions, even if the decisions made are ones we necessarily like.

Exactly! Freedom does mean that some will make decisions we dislike, or that offend us, that is part of a free society. And things like using taxes to punish, or reward certain behaviors is something a government ought never do. Likewise, every “Blue Law” ought to be repealed, as should sodomy laws, what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is their business not yours, or mine, and certainly none of government’s business. And remember this, some of the biggest nanny state type laws come from city councils and county commissions, or from state legislatures. 

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