Obama’s fetish?

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman Obama promised would get immediate help to ease her suffering from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy

I feel badly, very badly for this woman’s problems. But, the fact is that she was used as a photo-op by the president, and once she was no longer needed? Well, under the Obama Magic Bus she went

I still feel I was right about this but Smitty of The Other McCain has a slightly different take that is worth considering

In President Obama, you have a man who fetishes the power of his utterances themselves. If he says ‘immediate help’, then it has been granted. If he says ‘jobs’, then a million flowers of work bloom, unless mowed down by those pesky Republicans, of course.

I agree that Obama has a massive ego. And yes, too many people get caught up in his words. Words which ring hollow and barren when it comes to producing anything worthwhile, but, in the end, this was just a political stunt.


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