Noted douchebag: Secession movement is RAAAAACIST!

Ken Burns, who massacred the facts in his documentary mockumentary The Civil War so badly a group of historians felt the need to write a book correcting the many errors is no historian. But, since he is a flaming Liberal, he gets airtime from the Liberal media. Weasel Zippers has Burns take on the recent secession movement

Via NRO:

Documentarian Ken Burns appeared as a panelist on Meet the Press this morning to discuss Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. As the conversation veered to contemporary politics, Burns argued, in essence, that the secession movement we’re seeing in the wake of the election is spurred by racism. The basis for this claim, I believe, is the same as for the claims that opposition to a potential Susan Rice nomination is an indication of racism.

Good grief! In the first place this guy is a hack, he is not a historian.  And, as the clip shows, he is suffering from Racial Obsession Syndrome, RACE has everything to do with everything in his mind. And note how he is still parroting the lies about the “vitriol” that came from the Tea Party. That is a typical Liberal, just keep repeating the lies, even when they have been disproved.


One thought on “Noted douchebag: Secession movement is RAAAAACIST!”

  1. The Northerners smear us as racist because if would be a very bad thing for them if secessionist movements started to gain traction among other races.

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