Video- Anti-Israel protesters asked if Israel has a right to self-defense?

Via The Right Scoop

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A mixture of ignorant fools who have no clue about what is really going on over there. These people have swallowed the Kool-Aid Hamas sells. Israel blocks no legitimate aid to Gaza, only weapons that they know will be used against Israel for example. And a mix of pro-terrorist scum as well. The most fascinating thing I keep hearing is that the fight is unfair because Israel has far better weapons or because the rockets Hamas fires are not really dangerous. I would like to ask these people if they would be OK with Israel defending itself if it used the same weapons as Hamas does. Their heads might explode if they actually had to think about that one.


3 thoughts on “Video- Anti-Israel protesters asked if Israel has a right to self-defense?”

  1. Before 2010, even some types of food were restricted—as the result of rocket attacks on Israel during that period, these restrictions were lifted. Now, various construction and farming materials—among other things—are restricted.

    Like racism, the primary talkers about it are conservatives talking about liberals talking about ‘fairness’ than I actually hear liberals talking about it. It does make my head explode when I think about Israel using the same genre of rockets as Hamas. What are you trying to prove?

    1. Israel has never banned legitimate aid, NEVER! Of course, you buy into the BS spouted by Hamas. Hamas targets innocent people, and you believe them? Good Lord you are a fool.

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