5 thoughts on “What planet does Juan Williams live on anyway?”

  1. Yes, and yet it seems on the left this is a considered position. Hamas is launching twenty to thirty rockets into Israeli neighborhoods every week with the hopes of killing people. Israel targets and kills one of the leaders of Hamas responible for the attacks. Hamas begins launching hundreds of Iranian built rockets into Israel, killing three people and terrorizing thousands. Israel fires back at the launch sites, hidden by Hamas in population centers, schools, hospitals and the like. Many of the weapons are destroyed, along with a number of the people that Hamas was hidding behind. Juan Williams thinks this is a response that lacks proportion. (?!)

    So, he would feel better one would think, if hundreds or thousands of Israelis had been killed. Sure. Makes sense. Culpability? Responsibility? What does that have to do with anything. We’re talking proportion here.

    I’d like Juan to get his big butte out of New York or Washington or wherever he is, and do his pontifictating on proportionate responses from Tel Aviv. (Oh, and Juan, take your family with you). He might be a bit less sure of himself regarding the Iranians if he were commenting from Tel Aviv as well. The putz.

    Good stuff Gator Doug.

  2. The principle of war is to kill enough of the enemy that they don’t want to play anymore. They quit because they don’t want to die anymore. I think the precision in the Israeli response is to be admired, but the way to make these fuckers go away is to kill every man, woman, and child for 100 square miles in one strike. Flatten the buildings, and salt the earth.

  3. Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    LMBO, there are unfortunately many Juan clones, just different variety’s, all Liberal, with a mixture of GOP elitist. It would simply be to boring without their brand of idiocy polluting up our daily lives, who needs a sane world right? Actually, wrong :9(

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