Remember freedom?

Chris at Wyblog asks that question, and does a great job reminding us that we are not as free as we should be, and not as free as the Founders intended. It is a tremendous piece that will jar you. And we all could use some jarring, our liberty is slowly being sapped away from us. So slowly, we do not even understand that we are becoming subjects, rather than citziens

We have a State Religion now. Tolerance. Led of course by the High Priests of Homosexuality, where the agenda is compulsory approval. What they label “equality” is in fact totalitarianism. Reject the Rainbow Flag and you’re guilty of “discrimination”, then ostracized and marginalized. Sooner or later homosexuality will be compulsory, with penalties for non-compliance. If you don’t believe me, check out the brouhaha in Trans Francisco over the heretofore unpublished “right” to parade around in the altogether while out in public.

Rights which are enumerated are jettisoned in favor of invented “rights”. Because the new stuff is cool, and what did a bunch of dead white guys really know anyway?

Then there’s the free exercise of religion, a shadow of its original intent. Obamacare is the final nail in its coffin. When the atheists start going after Charlie Brown you know you’ve lost the war.

But we still have Free Speech, right? Ask Mark Basseley Youssef about that one. He’s currently doing a year of hard time for making Dear Leader look bad in front of his Arab friends.

Wanna peaceably assemble? You need a permit for that. And don’t you dare conduct bible study in your own home, that’s a zoning violation.

Petition your government? Write the EPA and find yourself on the terrorist watch list. Protest anywhere near Dear Leader or one of his henchmen, that’s now a felony. Your government doesn’t want to hear from you. Not unless you’ve got a friend on K Street and a blank check made out to “Re-election Fund”. Then they’ll pretend to care.

Powerful stuff go read the rest!


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