Why can’t the media figure simple truths out?

And by simple truths, I mean SIMPLE, like, terrorists who butcher innocents will also lie! Stacy McCaon states what ought to be obvious to anyone with half a clue

If they are willing to fire missiles randomly at innocent people, why would anyone expect the murderous thugs of Hamas to be scrupulously honest? Having figured out that victimhood is the measure of righteousness in the eyes of Western liberals, the terrorist regime in Gaza is busy exploiting this propaganda angle with the assistance of useful idiots in the media, as Melanie Phillips reports:

Last Friday, a number of papers along with outlets such as CNN in the US published prominent footage of the Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kanil weeping over the body cradled in his arms of a dead child, Mahmoud Sadallah, who Hamas claimed had been killed in an Israeli air strike. Blogger Elder of Zyon smelled a rat and, piecing together convincing circumstantial evidence, had concluded by this morning that the child was almost certainly not killed by an Israeli strike – not least because on Friday morning when the child died the Israelis had paused their bombing missions to allow for cease-fire talks in Gaza to proceed — but by a Hamas missile that was fired at Israel but had fallen short in Gaza. Now experts from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights who visited the site on Saturday have said they believe that the explosion that killed Mahmoud Sadallah was indeed caused by a Palestinian rocket.

The Pallywood crowd is now infamous for staging deaths, especially of children, yet, the media refuses to catch on, maybe because they prefer sob stories to the truth? Surely CNN and others could explore a bit and find the truth. Here is more from PJ Media

The truth about this incident reveals a horrifying aspect of Hamas’s conduct of which I daresay even most relatively informed followers of the news aren’t aware, as explained by Richard Landes at PJ Media:

 … the head of Hamas, whose boys systematically fire from the midst of civilians — in order to create civilian casualties they can then blame on Israeli counter-strikes — exploiting a death directly caused by his men, in order to appeal to western sympathy. It would be hard to imagine a more stunning portrait of the most depraved hypocrisy (and contempt for viewers who believe this display of compassion).… It is hard to imagine a more grotesque expression of a mutual corruption: trying to demonize your enemy before an outside audience whom you expect to side with you in the name of empathy for the very children you victimize. How disordered the emotional and moral world of the masterminds of this kind of manipulation must be.

… In other words, Hamas engages in the exceptionally rare wartime act of actively victimizing one’s own civilian population –specifically a war crime – in order to win a victory in cognitive war.

And they can only do so if a corrupt media on the scene (including NGOs and UN agencies), rather than expose their criminal strategies, play along and present the images of dead babies in the framework of the Palestinian narrative of Israeli victimization.



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