Because only CERTAIN political causes are political to the Left

RS McCain looks at how the Left looks at “political” causes

You see, not all “political causes” are created equal:

After her daughter’s eighth grade math teacher wore an anti-gay marriage pin to school, Cynthia Deford, a gay parent in Port Angeles, Washington, started an online campaign to ban teachers from promoting political causes in the classroom.
The Steven’s Middle School teacher, who has remained unnamed, wore a button to class in the days before the Nov. 6 election that stated “No on 74: one man + one woman = marriage,” according to Deford. The political message refers to Washington’s Referendum 74, which legalized gay marriage in the state, passing with 52 percent of the vote.
Although Port Angeles School District Superintendent Jane Pryne told the Peninsula Daily News that the issue has been addressed, and the school district already has policy regarding politics in the classroom in place, Deford wants more to be done; she is calling for an official apology and sensitivity training for teachers.
“It just shocked me that it happened here,” Deford told the Peninsula Daily News.
In her online petition on, Deford wrote that her daughter came home upset after seeing a teacher — who she once thought highly of — wear such a discriminatory button in class.

She wants to “ban teachers from promoting political causes in the classroom,” but tolerance toward homosexuality . . . Well, that’s notpolitical. That’s just the way things are. Unless you question “the way things are,” and then you’re evil.

So the agenda now is compulsory approval. Everyone must pledge allegiance to the Rainbow Flag, and once you are forbidden to disapprove of homosexuality, logically, your refusal to participate in gay sex will be classified as an unacceptable form of “discrimination.”

This isn’t about “equality” or “liberation.” No, it’s about homo hegemony, as the fanatics seek to secure a privileged and superior status for themselves and their preferences. That’s not disco music you hear, it’s the sound of hobnailed boots marching over broken glass.

Tolerance gradually reveals itself as totalitarianism, and it’s amazing that people acquiesce to such bullying. According to a recent Gallup survey, 3.4 percent of Americans identify themselves as “LGBT,” to use the de rigeur acronym. Why should 96.6 percent be compelled to kowtow to the sensibilities of the 3.4 percent?

The most important part, to me anyway, is that last paragraph, especially these words Tolerance gradually reveals itself as totalitarianism. Truer words have never been uttered, tolerance, and its bastard cousins, inclusion and sensitivity are used by the Left not to create a more forgiving atmosphere, or to urge folks to be more polite. Instead these words have been rebranded by the Left, to have completely different meanings than they traditionally have. Tolerance is not tolerance anymore, or acceptance, it is now used as a weapon to silence ideological beliefs the Left finds distasteful. Sensitivity has become a tool to force Liberalism on those that dare holds views that are not Liberal. Inclusion? HA! That is a word used to “include” only certain viewpoints, all others are demonized, ostracized and most certainly excluded from debate. 

For example, take what McCain writes above. there is nothing hateful, or bigoted in his words, but, since he makes solid points that might persuade people he is correct, the Left must either silence his message or assassinate his character. And since The Other McCain will never stop expressing his views, or defending his principles, he must be discredited so that no one listens to anything he says. Further, look at what I wrote here, nothing Homophobic there. In fact I do not have issue with Gay marriage, or with Gay adoption, or with civil unions. But, that will not matter, any Leftist reading my words will attempt to paint me as an evil homophobe, because only certain views are to be tolerated by the “tolerant Left”!

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