Israel continues to take out the trash in Gaza, terrorist ass-kissing Hitler fan club outrageously outraged!

Israel is defending itself, and good for them! Frankly, I hope that if they do commit ground troops, they do not STOP until they eradicate the Hamas vermin. But, of course, the Left is going Berzerk on Twitter. Twitchy has the Tweets of outrage from anti-Semites, fools, and losers who are calling for death to Jews. Go read them all, you will be angry, and disgusted, but is important to understand what type of fanatics we are dealing with here. This is just one example

More than 12,000 rockets hit Israel in the past 12 years. RT if you think  has the right to defend itself.

I dare yall bitches to do that to Iran you zionist devils hitler should have killed you all @IDFSpokesperson

Hate to break it to you there Darth Douchebag, but Iran wants no part of Israel, and neither does Egypt, whose “leaders” are hinting at protecting those poor terrorists in Gaza. More at The Other McCain

Remember: This started last week when Hamas fired more than 100 missiles into Israel. To call Israel’s response an “act of aggression by the Israelis” is simply a lie, the exact opposite of truth. Why does the New York Times feel obligated to publish Iran’s lies? I dunno.

The Iran-backed Jew-haters in Hamas are supported by freelance Jew-haters on Twitter — with warm approval from “Anonymous,” of course — and you have to ask yourself why Twitter permits this:

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