Video: The president sinks further into the quagmire that is Benghazi! Watch the House Benghazi Hearings here

Lot on this video from Hannity. First, Obama admits that Susan Rice went on those five Sunday shows armed with White House talking points blaming a YouTube video for what happened in Benghazi. This also clearly proves that Obama LIED about the video being the cause of the Benghazi attacks. Then there is Senator Lindsey Graham, who is clearly angry, as we all should be, over Benghazi. Graham has been criticized by Conservatives, including me, often for being too soft on Conservative principles. But, to his credit, Graham is at his best here!  He lays the ultimate blame where it obviously lies, at the feet of President Obama.

Third, there is the tragedy of how the media covered this presser. They asked nothing substantive, preferring to lob softball questions.

Back to Susan Rice for a moment. She may become the Secretary of State, if Obama gets his wish. How is she qualified exactly? She lied on those Sunday shows, KNOWING she lied. We know she lied because we know the intelligence she had screamed terror attack, not a flash mob response to a video. So, she either lied on her own, or she went and lied at the request of the White House. Should we be promoting people who possess so low character as this? Donald Douglas has a video of Krauthammer talking about Susan Rice

Fox News is streaming the House Benghazi Hearing you can check that out here

And yes, OF COURSE the Left has pulled out their tattered old Race Cards

5 thoughts on “Video: The president sinks further into the quagmire that is Benghazi! Watch the House Benghazi Hearings here”

  1. Like most conservatives, you’re in love with the word ‘liar’—but really need to look it up in the dictionary. Pay special attention the adjective modifier ‘intended’ deceit; and then explain how you know her intention—mind reading perhaps.

    1. Because we KNOW that the intel called it a terror attack VERY SOON after it, Rice and Obama knew too, they KNEW well before those appearances on those shows. They LIED! Hell Obama was on the View WELL after that still hinting that they did not know.

  2. They lied plain and simple….well not really simple, they went to great lengths to lie. But libs are pushing the red herring in comparing this to Condi Rice on Iraq’s WMD’s . Nowhere near the same.The difference is they didn’t know it. Here they knew the truth from the beginning and clearly lied. Hillary even told the family member that they were going after the producer of that video.

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