So, how long until Chris Christie is saying that the Republican Party left him?

I am not sure who said it, but recently, someone opined that the New Jersey Governor will one day complete his metamorphosis into a full blown Democrat. I was not sure that was right, but, when you add Christie’s pro-gun control beliefs with his throwing Romney under Hurricane Sandy for photo-ops with Obama, well, the direction that Christie seems to be taking is troubling. Chris, who lives in New Jersey, is starting to have doubts too.

Raise gas or ice prices more than 10% during a hurricane? Chris Christie will go after you with the full power of the law at his back.

But afterwards? Afterwards he’ll talk about raising taxes, because there’s no such thing as price gougingwhen government needs money.

Homeowners in towns hit hard by Hurricane Sandy could be in for an unpleasant surprise on their property tax bills.

Gov. Chris Christie said today that he expects property taxes to go up in towns that need extensive rebuilding.

“They’re probably going to have higher taxes,” said Christie. “It’s got to be paid for. This goes back to the old magic money tree. There’s no magic money tree.”

C’mon Christie! Your new bestest buddy Barry would beg to differ. He promised his peeps a magic money tree. They voted for a magic money tree. You can’t be dissing Prez BO! That’s like racist or something.

Yeah, one hug from Dear Leader is all it took to turn Governor Awesome into Robby RINO, tax hiker extraordinaire. Remember that tax cut Christie promised us earlier this year? Kiss it goodbye.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he isn’t sure whether he’ll still pursue a tax cut that was the centerpiece of his economic strategy because Hurricane Sandy may have hurt state revenue in October and November.

At times like this, I cannot help but think about Ann Coulter who once said that unless the GOP nominated Christie, we would get stuck with Mitt Romney and would lose. Then she said that Romney was our ONLY hope when more Conservative candidates were still viable, and would have benefited from a Coulter endorsement. Odd isn’t it? The guy that Coulter backed first ended up helping give Obama a big PR win hurting the second guy Coulter endorsed. And people wonder why I am not especially impressed by Coulter?

And, a note to Chris up in Joisey, there is lots of room here in Texas, and our governor, well his record speaks volumes, he IS the real deal!

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