Mother And Daughter Jailed After Photographing Toddlers And A Baby With Joints In Their Mouths

Mother And Daughter Jailed After Photographing Toddlers And A Baby With Joints In Their Mouths – Weekly Vice

Beth Ann Hensley, a 51-year-old Leslie County woman, and her daughter, Tracy Hensley, were jailed after they photographed several children smoking marijuana and attempted to develop the photographs at a local store.

According to the Leslie County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation was launched when employees at a photo mart discovered multiple photographs of children with joints in their mouths and called police.

Investigators say Beth Hensley brought film to a local store to be developed, but later returned to the store and cancelled her order. Although the photographs had already been developed, Hensley left the store without the photographs.

The woman’s behavior made the employees suspicious, so they looked at the photographs in question and found several images of children with marijuana cigarettes and pipes in their mouths. Some photographs showed adults lighting the marijuana cigarettes while other photographs showed the children handling marijuana. One of the children photographed with marijuana was just one year old. The other children photographed were between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

Beth Hensley, the woman who dropped the photographs off at the store for processing, has been identified as the childrens’ grandmother.

After officers viewed the photographs, they drove to Hensley’s residence with child welfare workers in tow. When officers entered the home, they found 24 marijuana plants and an undisclosed amount of processed marijuana.

Officers then went to the residence of Tracy Hensley, who is listed in the arrest affidavit as the childrens’ mother. Officers found 5 children living in the residence, many of which were matched to the incriminating photographs.

Beth Hensley claimed that the “marijuana cigarettes” in the pictures actually contained tobacco. She also told a local station that she took the pictures because she wanted her grandchildren to see how “crazy their grandmother was” when they got older.

Tracy Hensley was booked into jail and charged with unlawful transaction with a minor and child endangerment.

Beth Hensley was booked into jail and charged with cultivation and trafficking marijuana.

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