Allen West Files Suit To Have Early Votes Recounted In St. Lucie County (Audio)

Allen West Files Suit To Have Early Votes Recounted In St. Lucie County – Right Scoop

The Allen West for Congress campaign has now filed suit in St. Lucie County to have all early votes recounted and to hold of certification of the election results until the recount is completed:

FOX NEWS – Florida Rep. Allen West said Tuesday he filed a circuit court complaint challenging the official result of his race, which ended with him losing re-election by 2,442 votes.

The lawsuit asks the St. Lucie County court for a preliminary injunction that would order election officials to recount early votes in the state’s 18th Congressional District and refrain from certifying the results until the process in complete.

He was also on with Mark Levin tonight where not only mentioned the above lawsuit, but made clear this election isn’t about a West victory, but about a fair electoral process that the people in his district can trust:

This is about us asking questions. This is about us making sure that the 22 years I spent in uniform to serve this great nation – I took an oath to the Constitution to support and defend it. And I want to make sure that that oath that I continue to serve under means something. It is about, like I said, the honor and the integrity of our electoral process.

And I know that there are people out there that are Democrats or liberals that are listening and their whooping and hollering. You know, if you want me gone that’s fine. But do not do it at the expense of the voters in Congressional district 18. All I am asking for is a fair and equitable elections process and let the results come out where they may.

Listen to the full interview below:


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