Why do I completely discount anything Peggy Noonan says?

It is not that Peggy is always wrong, it is that she is often wrong, and when she is, she says incredibly inane things like accusing the Tea Party of rage video at Doug Powers who sums up Noonan perfectly

When I look at people at Tea Parties I see folks genuinely concered about the future of the country and the erosion of its founding principles. If that’s “rage” we need more of it, not less. But I have a feeling Peggy Noonan has been to as many Tea Parties as I’ve been to Chomsky lectures:

The biggest thing that Noonan misses is that in 2010, it WAS the Tea Party that won big. Again, Noonan is another establishment Republican who place politics before principles. I think, it is time that we at The DaleyGator create a new award to present to folks like Noonan. We will call it the Horse’s Ass Award! What do you think Peggy?

The DaleyGator is full of rage, just like the Tea Party


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