What the media, and you, should be focusing on after last Tuesday

Ever since last week’s elections, the media, in predictable fashion, has been focused on what the election mean for Republicans, and whether or not Democrats, especially the president have a mandate now. Republicans are running around shouting their theories of what went wrong and how to fix it, and Democrats are running out of footballs to spike. But, there is something else that has become obvious that this election exposed, something the media will miss, probably deliberately miss. That something else is this, the face of the Democratic Party is becoming more radicalized, seemingly by the day. Donald Douglas has a perfect example, in newly elected U.S. Rep Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema, you should at least know that she’s a far left-wing radical, so she’ll be right at home with the Israel-hating Democrat Caucus in the Jew-bashing Democrat Party of President Barack Obama.

See: “Kyrsten Sinema, Bisexual Israel-Hating Antiwar Radical, is Face of Today’s Democrat Party.”

And see Weasel Zippers, “Radical Anti-Israel Democrat Declared Winner In Arizona U.S. House Race…

On election night, all we heard about Sinema was that she would be the first openly bi-sexual member of Congress. The Left, of course was so excited, but, I noted that all they talked about was her sexual preferences, NOT her ideology. Now, you can chalk that up to typical democratic identity politics, but maybe they were not so willing to discuss her radical side?

Sinema has advocated against what she calls the “Israeli occupation” and helped create several groups that oppose the U.S.-Israel alliance.

“She’s trying to scrub a 10-year record of radicalism on all aspects, and she doesn’t realize you can’t erase things you’ve said and done for the sake of running for office,” said one Democratic Arizona lawmaker who has worked with Sinema. “For us [Democrats] it’s a very scary situation because we don’t want our reputation to be diminished by one ambitious politician. Many of us pro-Israel politicians don’t want to see her win because it will diminish our positions on Israel.”

Another Democratic insider in Arizona described Sinema’s past deeds as “albatrosses hanging around her neck.”

Sinema’s foray into anti-Israel activism began in the early 2000s when she organized for the Arizona Alliance for Peace and Justice (AAPJ), a group whose members have denounced Israel’s “disproportionate” use of  “violence and oppression.”

The group also decried U.S. military aid to Israel as well as the expansion of Israeli settlements “into Palestinian lands.”

Sinema later urged supporters of the AAPJ to deluge the phone lines of a radio show hosted by “an unapologetic unconditional supporter of Israeli policy.”

To this day, AAPJ continues to take a hardline stance against Israel, aligning itself with the far left Occupy AIPAC movement and sponsoring various speeches “against the Israeli occupation.”

Another of Sinema’s progeny is Local to Global Justice, a grassroots advocacy group that has positioned itself as one of Arizona’s leading critics of the Jewish state.

What is so troubling about Sinema’s views is not restricted to their radical bent. The most troubling part is that this IS what the Democratic party increasingly represents. Not too many years ago, such views would not have been tolerated by the Democratic  Party, today, they are closer to defining that same party than ever, and that radicalism is one thing we must focus on and expose. The media, could, if they chose to, easily expose candidates like Sinema. But, as we know, they are more likely to talk about whether Mitt Romney should release tax returns, or what was painted on a rock that Rick Perry might have seen, or if Herman Cain flosses between meals, or whatever asinine charges they can “investigate” about Republicans. So, it is up to us, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It is up to the bloggers, talk radio, Facebookers, Tweeters, etc to tell the stories the media will not.

We know that one problem the GOP faces is that many Americans, and not, not all of them are Liberal, have a false perception about our party. That perception is fed by Democrats, and spread by media bias. The Democratic party has become a party not of ideas, but of empty rhetoric, smear, and hyperbole. Unfortunately though, many Americans buy into that type of thing. I hear a lot of conversations every day, and you would be stunned at two things. First, how many Americans are Conservative, which is great. But, you would be stunned at how little many of us know about politics, current events, or the real stories behind latest headline in your local paper. Many of us buy into those Democrat talking points. Yes, those people are misinformed, and yes,m they are ignorant of the facts, and yes, the media is feeding that ignorance. So, what can you do? What can the GOP do?

Well, first off, the GOP has to understand something. Giving in and playing Democrats non-partisan game is never going to work. There is no appeasing the Left, we must beat them. Too many in the GOP leadership are addicted to the notion that if we “work with Democrats”, they will say nice things of us, that they will see we are not too radical, and we can heal the “partisan” divide. That of course is wrong, the Democrats believe certain things, Republicans believe certain things, those things are rarely the same, hence the divide. So, first of all, we must accept that this is a political war, and that the Democrats are dedicated to winning it, and that they will do most anything to achieve that victory.

Second, we must realize that no matter what we do, the Left will attack and demonize us, so, curbing our message will never dissuade the Left from calling us radicals, racists, sexists, greedy, mean, etc.

Third, when delivering our message, we must be CLEAR, and part of being clear demands that we not use weasel words, or try to avoid saying something that Democrats will blow out of proportion to paint us as bad people. If we are CLEAR, in our message, then we have nothing to worry about. The ideals of Conservatism did not lose last week. If anything that lack of clarity on what those ideals are cost us. Again, when we allow Democrats to paint our image, we lose. We must not fear bringing the message of Conservatism to the people. The message of Conservatism is hopeful, and optimistic, it is rooted in undeniable truths. It will never appeal to all, but, if expressed and defined, let me say again, CLEARLY, it will appeal to most of this nation.

Fourth, and finally, we must attract a broader base, everyone likely agrees there. But, how do we reach out to single women, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Lesbians? As best I can tell, too often Republicans try to reach out to these groups by either pandering to some degree, or we go in almost apologizing for our Conservative principles. In other words, we go in with an aura of weakness, and trepidation. Again, we must believe in our own principles, and be able to define those clearly. And we must present our case thinking that most that hear it will embrace at least a healthy portion of it. Again, we must present our position with clarity and confidence, not with weakness or vacillation.

Yes, I know, I am just some blogger, but, I will put my prescription up against anyone else’s. Why? Well, because every word I just wrote I BELIEVE IN! And the first part of the road back for the GOP has to start with believing in Conservatism!

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