Massive Voter Fraud In St. Lucie County, Florida

Massive Voter Fraud In St. Lucie County, Florida – Townhall

On Tuesday only one precinct had less than 113% turnout. “The Unofficial vote count is 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10%). The National SEAL Museum, a St. Lucie county polling place, had 158.85% voter turn out, the highest in the county.”

The Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, had this to say concerning the 141% voter turnout: “They may have had something like that in Palm Beach County, but we’ve never seen that here.”

So maybe Allen West wasn’t crazy to ask for a lock-down on the ballot boxes and machines in this county. According to the report given the day after elections, Allen B. West garnered 52,625 votes in St.Lucie county and Patrick Murphy 65,896 votes.

This is a problem that must be addressed right away. There is no reason that there should ever be more than 100% turnout. This county alone could have cost Allen West his election. Voter fraud is real, and it is time that this be solved.

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6 thoughts on “Massive Voter Fraud In St. Lucie County, Florida”

  1. Since the election, I’ve had these “just wondering” thoughts about the possibility of massive fraud. We see turnout numbers much less than in 2008, Romney gets fewer votes than McCain?????? How is that possible? Is there suppression of Romney votes? Then we see info about turnout exceeding registered voters by large margins. Precincts where Obama gets 99% of the vote? Something is wrong here.

    I’m sure the media will let us know some time in late November, 2016.

  2. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    Here are a few more interesting numbers for you. Does tend to make you wonder, doesn’t it? All that secession talk? How about all 50 secede from DC, and reform around the Constitution? Just a thought.

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