How convenient that Fordham University is also called FU!

Not being obscene here, just saying that those two letters sum up my reaction to this story pretty well

Via Beltway Confidential:

Fordham University president Joseph McShane, S.J., faulted campus College Republicans for inviting Ann Coulter to speak, saying that her rhetoric appeals to the “darker side” of human nature.

“To say that I am disappointed with the judgment and maturity of the College Republicans, however, would be a tremendous understatement,” McShane said in a statement emailed to the university (the Young America’s Foundation has the email here). “There are many people who can speak to the conservative point of view with integrity and conviction, but Ms. Coulter is not among them. Her rhetoric is often hateful and needlessly provocative-more heat than light-and her message is aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature.”

Oh shut up you whiner. Coulter is not my favorite Conservative voice, no she does not crack the top ten even, but she can be highly informative and entertaining, so, FU McShane. Just out of curiosity I wonder what McShane would have said if any number of hateful Leftsist would have been invited.

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