Even after obama victory, MSNBS is still a Proctologists dream

MSNBS has become more of a comedy network than anything else. All a rational person can do is laugh at the bare naked bias. Newsbusters has the latest, this journey into bias provided by Martin Bashir


While speaking about the election with GQ’s Ana Marie Cox and the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, Bashir asked, “Do Republicans understand what has happened? Let’s listen to the great Charles Krauthammer.”

This evoked laughter from Cox and Capehart.

After playing a Fox News video clip of Krauthammer commenting about the election results Tuesday, Bashir said, “Now I need to apologize to any young viewers who may have been frightened by that face.”

This again evoked laughter from Cox.

Honestly, is this what MSNBC considers journalism today?

Pathetic, just what you would expect from the children at MSNBS. You know, I would love to watch Bashir debate Krauthammer, I would just love that epic smack down

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