Guess what is to blame for Frankenstorm?

No, not George W. Bush, no not the Republican Congress, not even the awful uniforms the Oregon Ducks play in. No, it is global warming, er climate change of course!

As if on cue, folks have come forward to claim that Hurricane Sandy, and the resulting Frankenstorm, are the result of “Climate Change.”  This completely  factual fictitious phenomena, of course, is the fault of humans, and, in particular, ones that live in western countries that have a capitalistic system.  So, it should not be a surprise when the story came from the completely unbiased NPR (National Progressive Radio).  So, let’s take a look at at least one comment from from midst of the blah-blah…

This is not to say progress isn’t being made. One thing that does seem clear is that warmer oceans (a la global warming) mean more evaporation, and that likely leads to storms with more and more dangerous rainfall of the kind we saw with Hurricane Irene last year. In addition, a paper published just last month, used records of storm surges going back to 1923 as a measure of hurricane activity. A strong correlation between warm years and strong hurricanes was seen. Thus if you warm the planet, you can expect more dangerous storms.

Shall we shred this?

1.  ”a la Global Warming?”  You mean the “Global Warming” that stopped in 1998?  For those of you that hadn’t read about it; the British (very quietly) released a report based on thousands of information sources.  That report showed that global temperatures had not risen since 1998!

2.  If you also recall, right after Katrina, we we told by the bestscientists political hacks available, we were going to get slammed with many more STRONGER hurricanes that were going to hit the continental US.  But, all out intrepid author has to cite were two CATEGORY ONE storms?  I mean, if warm water powers hurricanes, why weren’t Irene and Sandy category five MONSTERS?

Well, you get the idea.  But, no matter what the facts are, the claims of AGW, and now “Climate Change” will go on and on.

Bravo! Matt shreds it well. To add a bit more let me point out what has been blamed on climate change

Hot weather

Cold weather


Forest fires

Flooding due to heavy rains

Drought caused by too little rain


More hurricanes, unless there are ever fewer hurricanes, then that will be the fault of climate change too



The piss poor officiating in SEC football games

Those awful uniforms the Oregon Ducks wear

OK those last two I made up, I was testing you

Anything else you want to blame if you are Left of center reality, or if you actually like those Oregon Duck uniforms

To be pefectly fair I do like some of the Oregon Duck uniforms

Not THESE Oregon Duck uniforms mind you

I DO like these uniforms though

I should have been a mascot!

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