LInks you ought to be reading today, updated through the day

Matt at Conservative Hideout always has some great, and informative links on Sunday’s

Matt Ross has ten questions Obama should be asked about Benghazi

Wirecutter  has a video of an adorable dog who loves his trampoline

Nice Deb, has the latest news on Benghazi, was the president watching the attack?

Reaganite Republican Sunday Funnies

What Would the Founders Think notes the narcissism of Obama

Izismile has video evidence that drunk can be funny

Uncoached has the worst car repair jobs evah!

TC Mag Amber Heard + lingerie=

1389 Blog has the three things Chicago is famous for

Ted: THIS is why we need voter ID laws

A Trainwreck in Maxwell: Let me get this straight Lena Dunham

Fritz: Emma Swan is quite fetching

Adrienne: Did you hear about Chris Christie and Barbara Streisand

American and Proud more on Benghazi

American Glob: Doesn’t Lena Dunham look a lot like….

Donald Douglas: Benghazi, the ultimate disgrace

Among the Joshua Trees: Hot or not?

Astute Bloggers: Romney is going to win big

Atlas Shrugs: You know, Russell Brand REALLY is a douche

Soylent Green: What if I bought Current TV?

Smoking Jacket has the 50 best looking worst actresses EVER!

Barking Moonbat has eye candy

Bring the Heat has one angry cat!

The Other McCain: Romney pulls even in Ohio

Confederate Grey: Andrew Sullivan is an idiot

Daily Pundit: Another Jihadi work-related accident

Diogenes Middle Finger: New Obama logo

Doug Powers: How could Obama NOT know?

Mandatory: 10 best MMA  knockouts

Hookers and Booze: One nasty rabbit

Hell on Earth: It is nice butt day?

Heavy: DUDE!

EBL: Who is up for NFL cheerleaders in Halloween costumes?

Jamie Jeffords: Kristen Bell is really cute

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Is it me, or is Stephanie Cutter nutty?

Lady Liberty: Is it me, or is Joe Biden a blooming idiot?

Gatewqay Pundit: Is it me, or are some Obamabots really ass hats?

Grandpa John: Recall Obama?

Guyism: Links!

Guyspeed: Woman sells her virginity for $780,000

Gunaxin: Drunk Pumpkins!

Feral Irishman: Boots, Boobs, and Booty! NSFW

Egotastic: Remember Kate Moss?

Hot AIR: Whither the Electoral College?

I’m 41: Madonna gets booed

It Ain’t Holy Water: Now THAT is a freaking paper airplane!

COED: Man that Jamie Chung is hot!

Chive: Ah, lingerie!

Brosome: Now THAT is a mansion

Bro Bible: Ten things we want


Barn -O-Rama hot gals, hot cars

Legal Insurrection has your stupid Tweet of the day week month year

Liberal Guy has your toons

Maggie: WHY?

Obama voter stuck on stupid!

Michelle: Biden really is the gaffe that keeps on gaffing

 Moonbattery: Why yes, Ted Turner is a loon

Motor City Times: Sunday Morning linkfest

Zions Trumpet: Britton Hart looking good!

NeoSexist: Dayana Torres is smokin

Newsbusters: Yep, Andrew Sullivan is off his meds

Old Virginia: Has the Left ever read US history?

Wyblog: How ’bout that Chris Christie press conference

Woodsterman: Blonde joke time

Wizbang: Yeah, about those 5 million jobs Obama says he created…..

Silver Fiddle: Democrats and their ugly stereotypes

William Teach has his Sunday Pin-Up

Pitsnipes: Rules for your man card

PJM: Essential car repair made easy

Proof Positive: Alyson Hannigan

Jill: LIARS!

Lance Burri: Hey if you are going to be executed anyway….

Theo Spark: FAIL video!

The Right Way: Frankenstorm 1938

The Other McCain Rule 5 Sunday

H2: Big Boob Friday

Rio Norte Hot Girls in Glasses

Classic Liberal: My that Natalie Martinez is rather attratcive

Randy: Cameron Diaz does something to me

That Mr. G Guy: Why schools sucks!

Wyatt Earp: Squirrel Zombies!

Sentry Journal: What the Hell became of us?

Say Anything: Saturday Links!

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