Romney still has momentum, Nate Silver hardest hit

The first part of that headline is clearly the most pertinent, Romney is doing better and better, and you can feel the desperation in Team Obama’s tactics. 

If you are wondering just who Nate Silver is, don’t worry, not many folks know who he is. Sure, I know, but I know people like Silver so you do not have to, and The Other McCain certainly knows Silver, and his whistling in the graveyard act

Excuse me for my continued attention to Nate’s graveyard-whistling, but no matter how clear the evidence of a pro-Romney trend, the Grand Swami at the New York Times won’t stop. He’s now raised the likelihood of Obama’s re-election to 71.0%. (The one-tenth of a percentage point being necessary to the pretense of scientific exactitude.)

There is greater than a 71% chance that Nate Silver has an Obama poster above his bed

Is Nate Silver hustling an insider-trading scam with InTrade? Or is he merely acting as an Obama pompom girl? Either way, the poll-watcher at the nation’s most influential newspaper cannot be unaware of how his coverage functions to shape elite opinion, which is in turn reflected in other media coverage that then influences mass opinion, and believing that Nate Silver is acting as an honest neutral broker in this transaction requires a faith in human goodness that I lack.

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