It’s Code Red In Moonbat Nation (By Howie Carr)

It’s Code Red In Moonbat Nation – Howie Carr

The moonbats are melting down. They look at the polls, they see Romney ahead, and they react the only way they know how – badly.


An outbreak of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a mental disorder previously believed to have been eradicated in 2009, was observed last week at Hofstra University.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, the tough street kid from St. Sebastian’s and Harvard, challenges Tagg Romney, that wimp from Belmont Hill, to a fistfight. Preppie-on-preppie crime.

Ann Romney is badgered on “The View” about Mormonism, by yentas who would never dare say anything negative about, say, Islam.

After midnight the guilt-ridden trustafarians toss and turn in their beds, their prescription antidepressants and opiates powerless against the dread that fills their vacant skulls.

President Mitt Romney? Aaaarrrrrgh!!!

Barack Obama, reduced to the presidency… of the Choom Gang.

Your average moonbat is approaching the checkout counter – sensible shoes, gray ponytails, tent-like dresses, handicap placards. And now, what’s left of their minds are going through the changes again.

If Mitt wins, they’ll have to go back to holding candlelight vigils every Saturday night on their suburban commons. New bumper stickers will have be ordered – Mitt Lied, (Fill in the Blank) Died. They’ll think of somebody Mitt killed. After all, he’s a Republican.

If their Messiah loses, the Patriot Act will suddenly become unconstitutional again. For the first time in four years, drone strikes in Afghanistan will be genocide.

Hey hey, ho ho, Camp Gitmo’s gotta go.

If Mitt wins, Barack won’t be able to finish lowering the sea levels?

Come back Cindy Sheehan, all is forgiven. Ditto, Code Pink.

Four-dollar-a-gallon gas – it won’t be good for the environment anymore, not if a Republican is living in the White House. It’ll be the biggest outrage of all time. Damn Big Oil!

Moonbats hate Matt Drudge, but now they’re praying he was right when he speculated last night that Gloria Allred has found a new scorned woman who’s about to drop another big sex scandal on the GOP.

Can you imagine the indignities of a Romney presidency? Who knows if most of these wrinkly moonbats will even survive long enough to see decorative French ticklers and hash pipes back on the White House Christmas tree, as in the glory days of the Clinton administration.

Bitter clingers riding high.

A president who goes to church on Sunday? What’s next, work requirements for welfare recipients?

President Mitt Romney? No more apology tours of the Mideast, no more bowing and scraping to tinpot dictators.

Did you watch Comrade Chris Matthews last week questioning whether it was constitutional for Mitt Romney to interrupt the One Who Sends Thrills Up His Leg?

Only 16 days to turn it around. And if the One can’t, well… Elizabeth Warren for President 2016.

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