The greatest athlete ever was a horse……….

………….a horse named Secretariat. Secretariat was a special race horse, he was THE race horse. Ted at a Man A Dog and A Gun has video of Secretariat at The Belmont Stakes, putting the other race horses in his dust.

One of those horses that Secretariat blew away, Sham 

was not just any horse, he was an incredible thoroughbred and would have likely won the Triple Crown easily, except for Secreatriat

Sham (April 9, 1970–April 3, 1993), an American thoroughbred race horse, was one of the fastest horses of the 20th century, but was overshadowed by his larger-than-life peer and half-cousin, Secretariat. He was a dark seal brown in color. While racing, he wore green and yellow blinkers. His preferred running style was that of a stalker.

Sham was a large horse at 16.2hh.[1] He also had a very large heart, about twice the size of the average horse’s heart, according to Dr. Thomas Swerczek, a University of Kentucky veterinary scientist.[1]

No doubt, Sham was special, and any other year, had he come along a year later, or earlier, he might be remembered where he belongs, among the greatest horses. Secretariat, though, he was just in another league, a league with a membership of one.

So, yep, Secretariat was, indeed a god among horses


3 thoughts on “The greatest athlete ever was a horse……….”

  1. HOLY SMOKE!! Why have I never seen this site before?!! I’ve been here less than ten minutes and have already learned more about the Benghazi attack than I have in the past month!


  2. BTW: I worked on a ranch in 1977 that was part owned by Penny Tweedy, the owner of Secretariat. Great experience and pretty cool family. I have to agree with the article that Secretariat was the greatest Horse, if not athlete, EVER!

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