Another debate, another glimpse of a shell of a party we used to call Democrats

Last night, I watched the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. No doubt Biden was better than Obama in the Denver debate. Biden at least appeared to be engaged. He was feisty some might say, he was assertive others might say. To me, and, according to those I watched the debate with, he was rude, condescending, and acted like a bully. Biden did not make any glaring gaffes, but, how he conducted himself might have been more damaging. His over the top smiles, really creepy smiles to be honest, his constant interruptions, which the moderator did nothing to stop, and his other facial gymnastics made him look like a man with nothing to say. Nothing of any substance anyway. Biden dished out the same old talking points, the same old fear and smear, and the same bold class warfare rhetoric we have come to expect from the Democratic Party, which I am thinking of re-branding the Hollow Party.

Some, I am sure, loved Biden, and his ass hat act. Democrats loved it, and the Liberal base loved it, but I have serious doubts whether or not the undecided voters were digging Joe Biden’s deplorable behavior. Maybe Biden was trying to be like Romney and dominate his opponent. If that was his strategy, he failed. Romney debated Obama with class, he was not rude, he did not make faces, or interrupt continuously. Romney used substance, and shined. Biden played the role of a thug, and that showed big time.

Others also watched, and rated the two debaters, Big Government pointed out that the media observers, the ones  who are honest anyway, were not impressed with Biden’s Joker act Among the best tweets were  Piers Morgan who tweeted Joe, seriously, STOP SMIRKING. This is serious stuff. Be Vice-Presidential. Erik Wemple of the Washington Post added this Biden really pushing it with his interruptions. And Phillip Klein summed up my feelings quite well If Biden’s strategy was to come off like a complete jerk, he’s succeeding brilliantly.

Jim Picht of the Washington Times wrote this scathing indictment

Biden maintained a feral grin throughout, often laughing and smirking when Ryan spoke. His intent may have been to intimidate Ryan or to make him look like a mere boy, but his demeanor was more Joker than vice-presidential. He went back and forth between contemptuous and deranged in a performance that, combined with his frequent interruptions of Ryan (over 80 according to one TV pundit), was both fascinating and slightly disturbing.

Biden displayed a certain command of the issues, but he laced his arguments with red herrings. His performance carried more than a whiff of the “Chewbacca Defense”: “Look at me. I’m the vice president defending a failed administration, and I’m talkin’ about Chewbacca! Does that make sense? Ladies and gentlemen, I am not making any sense! None of this makes sense! And so you have to remember, when you’re in that voting booth deliberatin’ and conjugatin’ the Emancipation Proclamation, does it make sense? No! Ladies and gentlemen, it does not make sense! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must reelect Barack Obama! Thank you.”

Lots more media reaction at Politico

The Other McCain was pretty happy with what he calls a “Crushing Ryan Victory”

Matt at Conservative Hideout scored the debate issue by issue and concludes Ryan won, but wonders if undecideds will be swayed

All in all, knowing the issues, I think Ryan won.  But, the debate is really all about convincing the previously unconvinced, so did they go to Ryan’s fact based presentation, or was Biden’s more emotional, yet inaccurate portrayal the best sell?

Allahpundit wondered how the angry old dude was last night

I expected “table-pounding atmospherics” from Biden but I didn’t expect him to act like a total jackhole for fully 90 minutes. Give him credit for knowing his target audience, though: His task tonight was to get the left excited again after Obama fell into a semi-coma in Denver, and evincing utter disdain for Ryan — grimacing, shouting, laughing inappropriately, constantly interrupting, the total jackhole experience — is just what the doctor ordered. He might have irritated independents and undecideds, but probably not so much that it’ll change people’s votes. The Democrats needed someone to go out there and clown for liberals, and if there’s one thing this guy knows, it’s clowning.

I had the same thoughts. Democrats will eat Joe’s antics up, independents and undecideds not so much. I do think, though, that Biden’s antics will be enough to turn a number of those voters away

Here is one voter who summed up Biden perfectly

The RNC jumped on Biden’s behavior with this ad, which I think is very effective

Some poll numbers that show that Biden did nothing except excite his base

BREAKING: CNN-ORC post-debate poll of Registered Voters: 48% said Ryan won. 44% said Biden won. Sampling error: +-5%.

CNN/ORC POLL October 3 DEBATE WATCHERS Who Was More In Touch With Problems of People Like You? Ryan 51%, Biden 44%

CNN/ORC POLL October 3 DEBATE WATCHERS Who Was More Likeable? Ryan 53% Biden 43%

Also check out Bob Belvedere’s aggregation of debate reaction

Also do not miss William Teach and his round up of Jokergate!

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