The Other McCain comments on sex, sluts, and sandwiches, not necessarily in that order

Any Feminist reading Stacy McCain’s post today will go ballistic, ranting and raving about SEXXXXXISM, and accuse him of hating women, excuse me womyn. Of course, being a Feminist, or Feminut as I call them, they would be, as usual wrong! You can read McCain’s post for yourself, here is a sample

These are the two great arguments for marriage, but young folks don’t seem to understand what it’s all about:

Anyhow, if a woman is unwilling to commit to having sex on some sort of regular basis, then how on Earth can any man be reasonably expected to commit to never having sex with anyone else?  If 104 times per year is too much and justifies a refusal to commit to it, then how much is a reasonable average expectation?

Son, you start talking like that, you’re displaying a fatal weakness. And if there’s anything a woman hates in a man, it’s weakness.

This is why I strongly support abstinence education: If a fellow doesn’t learn to do without sex before he gets married . . .

Seriously, though, the problem with these young fellows nowadays is that young women don’t know how to play hard to get and, in fact, they’re just too damned easy to get, period.

Go read it all, Stacy makes some fine points, which of course the Feminut will miss because they will be too busy being outrageously outraged. My two cents, as a guy who is still looking to get married, gals send your resumes and marriage proposals to, is this. I have, since I was in my early 20’s had this rule, which ties in to Stacy’s main point. I would never get serious, much less consider marrying a woman who sleeps with me on the first few dates. To me if a woman “puts out” as Stacy phrases it, that soon, basic trust is undermined. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite, but, I am just being honest. Of course that does not make the woman a bad person. But, the women I have thought about marrying are the ones I have dated a month or more BEFORE we break out the Crisco and fly swatters the first time. 

Yes, I am a guy, yes I want sex, yes I think about it every few seconds, but, if I am ever to get married, I want to really care for someone, and have them care for me before we have sex. In short that is how my heart feels, and I bet most guys are like that too.

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