Pelosi on ramming health care down our throats, we had to, those darned Republicans were being mean or something

This piece from The Daily Caller sums up Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic Party perfectly

Pelosi defended her 2010 passage of health care reform, stating that the Democratic caucus was very diverse and blamed the Republicans for making it impossible for her to pass the legislation without steamrolling it through Congress. She went on to make the case that Obama and the Democrats have to win or health care reform and Medicare “as we know it” are in jeopardy.

Ah, so the Democratic caucus was “diverse” because every member wanted to force the bill through against the will of their constituents, but those Republicans, who were actually doing their jobs by listening to their constituents? They were the problem. Spoken like a true elitist with no respect for the Constitution, or the will of the people. Which, of course is EXACTLY what Pelosi, and her party is!

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