More proof that Liberals are the enemy of working Americans and the poor


I have long thought that one of the biggest lies Democrats tell, repeatedly, is that they care about the poor, and are the party of working Americans. They may use such rhetoric to get votes, but, in fact, the Democrats tax hikes and regulations hurt the poor because any cost to businesses are naturally passed down to the line to those least able to pay higher prices for food, gas, clothes. Doug Ross has a story today that illustrates how the Left’s green energy policies are hitting the poor hardest

Try and contain your shock.

Last week, Examiner columnist and Manhattan Institute fellow Diana Furchtgott-Roth, author of the new book “Regulating to Disaster: How Green Jobs Policies Are Damaging America’s Economy,” explained that:

Most people think green is good but pay little attention to associated increases in costs. In 2015, it will cost between $49 and $79 to generate one megawatt hour of electricity from natural gas. A megawatt hour from onshore wind will cost between $75 and $138, and from solar photovoltaic will cost between $242 and $455.

As her book demonstrates in this chart, rising costs of energy hit lower-income Americans the hardest, because they spend a higher proportion of their incomes on energy.

The fact is that the policies of the Left destroy wealth, and ambition, and productivity, and most chances for climbing out of poverty. These policies only serve to entrench the poor where they are on the socioeconomic ladder. Like every bastard ideology born out of Marxism, Liberalism promises equality, but delivers only an equality of misery. Instead of being a way up, Liberal policies are a massive roadblock to anyone seeking to better their plight.


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