Video Proof Of Obama’s Embassy Attack Lies… (Warning: Graphic Content)

Video Proof Of Obama’s Embassy Attack Lies… (Warning: Graphic Content) – Ulsterman Report

For days now the Obama administration and supporters in the mainstream media have claimed the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East were not attacks on America – or the policies of the Obama government. These reports have also attempted to suggest Libyans, once they found Ambassador Christopher Stevens, attempted to save him by transporting the ambassador to a nearby hospital.

Video evidence now paints a very different and far more disturbing picture. The body of a man who appears to be the ambassador is shown being dragged upon the ground as those gathered around cheer.

If Barack Obama so willingly lies about details of a U.S. ambassador’s death, what else is he lying about? How deeply into the administration does this now growing scandal go? And will the American people allow the president to get away with this deception?

A final note – readers should be reminded that after being made aware of the death of Ambassador Stevens, Barack Obama flew off to Las Vegas for yet another political fundraiser. Remind yourself of that fact – a fact even more disturbing than the footage in this video.


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