All I can say is WOW! Chris Wysocki nailed it!


Chris really hammers the point home that the real issue behind the attacks on American embassies is not because of  a movie that aired on YouTube, the real problem is hatred for the West

But one guy makes a movie telling the truth about Islam’s pedophile prophet and our government’s first reaction is to tweet an apology. Then the clown show on MSNBC calls for the filmmaker to be arrested. Because Obama State Media never learned the true meaning of “Free Speech”.

So what did Mitt Romney actually say that was so terrible? I’m guessing the diplo-dhimmis got their shorts into a knot over this part:

“I also believe the Administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning their actions. It’s never too early for the United States Government to condemn attacks on Americans, and to defend our values. The White House distanced itself last night from the statement, saying it wasn’t ‘cleared by Washington.’ That reflects the mixed signals they’re sending to the world.”

So I ask you, what’s wrong with that? Nothing! It’s a refreshingly straightforward statement. Which is of course why it makes the Obamabots so uncomfortable.

The Smart Diplomacy crowd may have “distanced” themselves from their embassy’s original statement, but the mealy-mouthed “we love Islam and hate people who hate it” nonsense survives, and flourishes.

They’re still blaming the movie. As if an obscure movie, that no one had ever heard of, with no distribution deal, and no chance of making it to HBO, suddenly agitated millions of peaceful Muslims, compelling them to take to the streets with violence on their minds and hatred in their hearts.

Believe that, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you can have, cheap.

Why do Muslims hate us? Because that’s what they do. They hate(You really should read Brigitte Gabriel’s book by the way, it’ll curl your hair.)

As for the true motivation behind these “spontaneous” protests, Walid Shoebat translated the Arabic writings which encouraged people to join the demonstrations. Unsurprisingly the attacks were planned days ago, and set for September 11th.

Gee, I wonder why Muslims might want to attack America on September 11th? Any guesses folks?

The Arabic sources show that this was in support of al-Qaeda day, posting al-Qaeda flags and some of the chanting was about reminding Americans that there are many al-Qaedas (ie Nour Party). Americans should ask themselves a hard question:

If our enemy is al-Qaeda exclusively, then why is an entire political party — which makes up over 20% of Egypt’s new Parliament — aligning with al-Qaeda?

Bravo!! Now be sure to go read the rest


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