DaleyGator DaleyBabe Kimah Nicole and other fine Rule 5 blogging

OK kids time for another Rule 5 tour. This one led off by Kimah Nicole, WOW!

Zions Trumpet has an eye for Lisa Angelina

Reaganite Republican shares my crush on Patti Anne Browne

Bob Belvedere has a wide assortment of beautiful women

The Feral Irishman celebrates redheads and some tight dresses

Proof Positive has a lovely Friday Night Babe Jordana Brewster

Rio Norte honors Eva Longoria’s beauty, but doubts her depth

Classic Liberal has a MONSTER-SIZED Rule 5 post

Fritz likes Heidi Klum

Donald Douglas has a video salute to the troops featuring bikini-clad girls and also finds time to ogle Rosie Jones and India Reynolds

Barking Moonbat is howling over a certain Russian tennis star

Knuckledraggin has some Rule 5 for the ladies and a very flexible hottie

Dogenes Middle Finger has Fishnet Friday

Dustbury ponders Emma Watson

Evil Blogger Lady has the Liberal but still very hot Natalie Portman

The Eye likes Selena Gomez

It Ain’t Holy Water has an amazing, ah, well…..

The NeoSExist salutes Heather Thomas and Brooke Burke

Pitsnipes has more Yellow Fever some pics NSFW

Pirates Cove has a gal in a bikini, destroying the environment!

I think Randy is happy that the NFL is back, especially the cheerleaders

H2 has Big Boob Friday

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