Jason Biggs sure is fixated on assholes isn’t he?


Hmmm, maybe the second0-rate actor has some new Liberal Malady I have not yet diagnosed. Asshole Obsession Syndrome maybe?

The American Pie actor doesn’t seem to understand that when he writes something on Twitter, the whole world can see it. Jason Biggs is currently working on a new project with Nickelodeon, a cable network that caters to children. Nickelodeon has even started including the actor’s Twitter feed in their online promotions.

But are they aware of the vile, sexist garbage he is promoting on Twitter? A public school teacher who works with young children would be promptly fired for much less than this…

Wow! The creativity of the Liberal mind never fails to amaze me. It is as vacuous as their heads are. Maybe Jason is having a rough time getting any “satisfaction”. Maybe he is taking anal to a new level, or maybe he is mad because his girlfriend dumped him? Maybe he was rejected at the bakery again?

naw, none of that, he is just another Hollywood asshole who thinks it is funny to be crude


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