DaleyGator DaleyBabe Ali Landry leads a Rule 5 journey

One of the most incredibly beautiful women I have ever seen, and incredibly classy and sweet too

Feral Irishman reminds me why I get so agitated with some social Conservatives. Like these pinheads opposing a sports bar called the Tilted Kilt The Right Way has more and video of the Tilted Kilt Waitresses

Proof Positive has Amy Jo Johnson

Rio Norte has eyes for Lydia

Classic Liberal has a political lesson, with Geri Halliwell

Fritz: Summer Glau is weird, but hot

Donald Douglas: Scientology is really weird but Nazanin Boniadi is hot

Bob Belvedere has a GREAT Rule 5 Saturday featuring Lara Dutta

Dustbury is just glad it is still Summer

Evil Blogger Lady has the Bama cheerleaders, by the way a note to Wolverine fans you ain’t ready for the SEC!

The Eye celebrates Rachel Weisz

I’M 41: Is Melissa Harris Perry Crazy hot? or just crazy?

It Ain’t Holy Water has your exercise video

Maggies Notebook has the adorable Mia Love and her beautiful speech

American Perspective celebrates Cindy Crawford walking away from Obama

Neo Sexist has Udita Goswami

William Teach has his awesome Blogless Sunday post and a girl in a bikini

Pitsnipes has some random Rule 5

Randy has his Thursday Tart

Reaganite Republican has a big crush on Michelle Fields and might punch Tucker Carlson out for firing her

Say Anything has links, lots of links

Wyatt Earp has some Rule 5 for the ladies

Teresa has Nicole Kidman

H-2 has the usual Big Boob Friday

Last Tradition remembers Joanne Dru, she was a pretty thing

We will never hear the end of Stacy McCain getting a pic with Megyn Kelly

Theo has bath night beauty

Busted Coverage has the 100 hottest girls of college football

Chive has hot girls in the middle of nowhere

COED Alisha Louise is a stunner

Egotastic: The world needs more Bar Refaeli in lingerie

Funtasticus has Tori Praver

Gunaxin has Imogen Thomas

Hell on Earth has Larissa Riquelme

Hookers and Booze has… WOW!

Wirecutter has a lucky dog. And a damned big lucky dog

Next Round has an NFL cheerleader or two

The Smoking Jacket has some lovely links

Soylent Green loves college football and so do these gals

Uncoached closes us out with some more great links

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